You Know You Are Short When…

You Know You Are Short When…

Hi, this is my first book, self published through West Bow. They have been very helpful and organized. Some people have asked why I wrote this book. One of the reasons is because people say write about what you know. So there ya go. I know about being short. lol.

The media kit is supposed to come in soon, along with some books. For now it is open to distributors. “You know You Are Short When..” can be ordered through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Family Christian and probably most books stores and West Bow Press itself. The more orders, the better chance of getting on the shelves.

It has been quite a learning experience going through the publishing process. It’s been a long road, because when changes are made it’s not just a couple of days for the process to take place, but weeks. For the past couple days I think I have been on the phone more than half the day talking to book stores, trying to arrange book signings and so forth. Guess what! The Observer will be interviewing me after Thanksgiving. I’m so excited about that because I didn’t think they would do it if I was self published.

I don’t think I have seen tons of books on being short, and not quite like this. After my own experiences and talking with other short people throughout my life, the idea was created. I have a lot of ideas, now I just have to take the time to do it.

Does anyone else have an experience writing books or publishers they have used? Any suggestions on marketing?

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