Alternative Email:

USA Phone: 734.812.2789

There are several reasons why you may want to contact me, but because I am traveling to both developed and undeveloped countries sometimes it may be a little tricky.  The wonderful thing is the internet is just about everywhere. Just about everywhere doesn’t mean everywhere, so there may be times I may not have internet connection for several days depending on where I’m at.  You can always send me an email to, but please understand depending on where I’m at my depend on how long it may take me to reply.  If for some reason you need additional help on the USA side you can email my son at, he always has internet connection. LOL

My phone number will often change depending where I am, so contacting me personally by phone is not feasible.  The good news is you can call 734.812.2798 which is a USA number any time and talk to someone at Common Ground Ministries (CGM) and they will be able to help you out.  If at the time I have a forigen phone number and you would like to call me direct CGM would have that number.  If you are wanting me to come to you and you have questions please call CGM.  When I am back on USA soil I am opened to speak at churches, small groups, with counselors, or anyone else that would like to know more about my ministry or interested in joining me.  Obviously my time in limited when I’m in the USA so first some first serve, CGM will have a rough idea as to when I will be in the USA.