JUNE 2017

JUNE 2017

It’s time… Yay!

Hi, Norene, here. I came back from India to spend Thanksgiving with Rachele and family, and to Michigan for Christmas. But, now, I’m about ready to embark on the new Journey God has set before me. First, I’ll be going to my grandson’s wedding in Florida, and in July to Belize.

Belize is in Central America, just below Mexico, Guatemala is on the west side of this tiny country, and Honduras under them. I’m told they speak English here as well as Spanish.  At one time Belize was called British Honduras. There is a mixture of cultures here.  I’ll share more once I get there and start learning about the culture more.  It’s one thing reading about it and another living in it.

I will be ministering with Mark and Debbie Bloomer. They are starting a Christ For The Nations Bible School there, and I will be helping them get it started.  Besides starting a school from scratch, we will be recruiting students, and teaching.  Most likely we will also be helping to minister in local churches as well. I will fill you in when I know more.

I’m excited to be going to Belize. I now have a Small apartment, furnished, yay! I think it is less than 300 square feet. This country is more costly than the other countries I’ve been in so far.

Living in another country is no different than living in the USA, there are expenses. I am still short about $400 a month.  I am leaving, and living by faith. The Lord says, “Go” and I’m going, depending on God’s people to be part of this ministry. I’m trusting to have all my needs met in every way. God uses human beings to support pastors, churches, ministries and missionaries. We are supported by the body of Christ, whether it is a church, small groups, individuals or families. I am depending on you and asking the Lord to bless you for your prayers and finances.

I am inviting you to be part of this ministry of “Serving Those Who Serve”.  I’m inviting you to allow me to be your hands extended to missions through you’re prayerful and financial support during this exciting opportunity to train and send others out to reach the lost.

Please pray and ask the Lord what He wants you to do, one time gift or monthly gifts. Tax deductions are available through Common Ground Ministries. If sending a check please put my missionary account number, NF123046,in the memo section. Please send to PO Box 871935, Canton, MI 48187, OR you may use PayPal: Use e-mail  Donate@CGMinistries.org

Your prayers and financial support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for whatever you can do. Blessings.


Your Missionary,

Norene 😊