Medical Team in Iglesia Comunidad de Fe

Medical Team in Iglesia Comunidad de Fe

Wednesday, February 3rd there was a Medical Team from Cumberland Presbyterian churches (from various states, from Michigan to Texas), joined Iglesia Comunidad de Fe (Community of Faith Church), for a free medical clinic.

This included 6 doctors, nurses, nurse practitioner , dentists, pharmacy etc. Everyone did a great job.  The people of the church and the team organized it well.  Hank loaded up his vehicle with 14 kids at a time to bring them to the clinic from the school we work with.

At first I started helping with the younger children until their parent registered them and it was their turn to see the doctor. The team brought printouts to color, Book without words, little games, etc. to help keep them entertained. That was a great help.  I put my gray, light jacket on the back of the chair and forgot about it.  When I was ready to leave in the evening it was gone. Bummers.

Marcia asked me to help with the dental and keep the instruments sterilized, change the trays, and bag the instruments for the autoclave. I helped her and another dentist. We were at the clinic from 8:00 AM until about 6:00 PM.  They did mostly extractions.  Lots of people, young and old passed through there. Occassionally I was able to interpret for the vision team/eye glasses., when the other translator had to do something else.

I prayed with a lady whose son just got out of prison after 6 years.  To make a long story short, he left home because his old gang was looking for him.  The gang threatened to kill her and her family if she didn’t tell them where her son is. From what I have heard, these gangs can be heartless, and would probably do it. She was extremely fearful.  A few of the team members and I prayed for her. She said she felt more at peace after we prayed. Please pray for her; I’m sure she would covet your prayers. Pray for these gang members as well.  They recruit little kids to stand as look-outs, deliver “stuff”, etc.  The gangs recruit the older teens and young men by giving them cell phones, cars, and other big objects.  They embrace these young people as part of a “family,” and the kids get hooked. Please keep these children in prayer as well.

Have a great week.  Please keep looking on my blog.  I’m trying to do a better job of keeping up.

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God Bless you real good, love and hugs.

Serving Those Who Serve,