Mission Opportunities.

Mission Opportunities.

The first couple weeks, I  have met a Lot of people.  I have to work on remembering everyone’s names and who they are associated with.  Hank made me a schedule and a little sheet with the ministries and where they are. It was helpful.

One of the main places we go is to a little, inter-city type school, with Hank. It is  Kindergarten to 6th grade.  I believe there are about nearly 150 students +.  It is under Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The teachers are dedicated and challenged by some very difficult behaviors of some of the older children. Their home environments are very poor, drug infested and abuse to some of them.  They are starting to recognize me and saying hello and giving me hugs.

Doña Avita would like me to start counseling and talking to children every time I am there. She will pull them out of class.  Please pray the Lord give me wisdom on how to set this up, because they can’t take an hour out of class every time, there’s no private place to talk-maybe we an go to the little court outside to talk when there’s no PE.  She has been very generous, and understanding to me. She’s got a lot on her plate running this school.  Please pray for her too.

On Mondays Hank and I go to Casa de Esperanza (House of Hope) in the town of Santiago, Sactepequez.  The missionaries there have a program to assist kids with a lunch, helping them with their homework, and sharing about Jesus, having a Bible study for them and watching lives change, and become nourished. This may be the only healthy meal for some of the kid the whole day. This is a sponsored program to help these children, and encourage them in their education to have a better life in the future.  It is quite an undertaking.  This group I believe is a different denomination. There are a group of ladies who make handmade purses, totes, and cosmetic bags, etc to help support themselves and help support the ministry there. They do an excellent job!

I am honored to work with the missionaries here.

Please remember that I always need monthly support. I had enough to get here and live here for a while, but I need to continue living here.  I have to pay rent, food, offerings, medicine, gifts, extra activities with ministries, etc. Your help would be greatly appreciated.  If you have not had the opportunity to donate toward my missionary endeavors, it’s not too late.  For tax-deductions, Please send checks to Common Ground Ministries; PO Box 871935; Canton, MI 48187, with a note saying for Norene Fritz. I cannot do this without you.  You are an integral part of this ministry.  Thank you. Serving those who serve. Blessings.

Your Hands Extended to Missions,

Norene Fritz