Preparing to leave in January 2016-Cleaning out the house

Preparing to leave in January 2016-Cleaning out the house

October 27, 2015-Wow, didn’t know there was so much to do before leaving in January.  First I had to retire.  ha ha.  Then it’s the constant house purging, starting with paper work, organizing to folders, and files, putting books where they belong, clean out cupboards, file cabinets, papers and more papers, that took forever.  Cleaning out my closet was a chore, downsizing-giving things away and so much  more.  I asked myself, why am I doing all this super cleaning?

Have you ever gone on a trip/vacation, and you want the whole house to be clean before you leave? That’s kind of how I feel about cleaning before I leave.  Even though I may not be back for probably nearly a year (Lord willing), I still want it to be cleaned and ready for the grandkids to use when I’m gone.  Just the thought of hundreds of loose papers stacked up collecting dust and taking up space for no good reason, bothers me.  It’s taken me over a month to get these things done, but it’s worth it and I don’t have to worry about doing it at some other juncture. Anybody else out there thinks things need to be cleaned before leaving on a trip?

Just purging one area at a time feels like a just lost 5 pounds. (I haven’t literally). It’s like one more burden off and out of the way that I don’t have to be concerned about, so I can concentrate on what my goal is. I think of how many things get in my way and pile up over the years of unorganized “stuff” or things just waiting to be filed, and there’s one distraction after another that fills  my life and  goals rarely get done. Perhaps purging of one’s life on a daily basis is more beneficial than purging it of bad stuff, thoughts, etc on a yearly basis, or never.  If I cleanse my heart and thoughts daily, I won’t have to work on it so much later, plus it probably won’t take as long. It’s a lot of work to clean out one’s house.

What do you do to prepare to go on a long trip?