Mom's Commissioning and Birthday 2015 - 19

Mom's Commissioning and Birthday 2015 - 38


I’m catching up; on a wonderful birthday party before I left December 30th.  It was a combination of Birthday, Going Away and Commissioning Party.  A huge thank you to Jackie Crow and Susan Fritz for all they did to plan for this party.They did a great job!  Thank you pastor Shane for The Commissioning to the mission field.  It was one of the best commissioning service I have seen. Thank you to all those who shared in bringing food, for all the guests that made time to attend, to those who spoke and shared their thoughts and feelings, for the cards and gifts and the fellowship. I was so blessed for the whole experience, for the scripture and words from the Lord.

There were mixed emotions, tears of joy and tears of sorrow.  There were tears of joy, because everyone blessed me soooo much with their presence. There were tears of sorrow because it is difficult to say “good bye.” I will definitely miss everyone.  But I will communicate via e-mail, facebook, etc.

Of course everyone sang “Happy Birthday To You” Fritz style.  Those who knew what to do, had no problem. Those who didn’t got quick instruction.  It was funny. You all sang great, even when it’s out of tune, everyone singing at different intervals, etc. Sweet. 🙂

All the positive comments just touched my heart. I saved all the great birthday card.  Thank you for your generous gifts.  I shall never forget this birthday, going away and commissioning.

Thank you again, everyone.  I love you dearly.  Blessings.


PS I have more pictures, but I’m trying to figure out how to transfer them to this page.