Dear family and friends,

Wow, another year has gone by.  I can hardly believe it. A lot has happened over the past year. Let’s start with Angela & Armando.  Armando is still working hard to take care of their family of felines.  Shane & Susan have been busy with 6 children, home-schooling, sports, music, ballet, and home churches. Ethan is 15 and driving with a permit.  Tiffany & Jeff have two boys also involved in sports, church and hunting. Tiffany continues going to school for physical therapy assistant. Rachele & Tom still live in Florida, and working with their local church as children’s pastors, which keeps them extremely busy.  Rachele is still homeschooling.  Joshua graduated from high school last year, and has a number of credits toward college.

I retired this year in September, but only to change my career.  I love counseling, and hope to continue using counseling on one level or another and go full time into mission work.  My mission is to serve those who serve.  I want to work along-side missionaries, pastors, and other serving people and help them wherever I can. Yay! Lord willing the schedule is to go to Guatamala w/Hank & Marcia Miller, for a few months. I met on Mercy Ships. Sapadril Honduras, w/ MDS Javier & Letty Vallecillo, for a few months, and Bangalore India with Pastor Stephen family and ministry, for a few months.  If you know missionaries who need help, please let me know. Thanks. Donations and tax-deductions can be sent to Common Ground Ministries PO Box 871935, Canton, MI 48187. Thanks in advance for anyone interested in supporting me.  I am excited to be used. Also enclosed is my prayer card. Please remember to pray for me.  Thank you. J

The next thing is my first “table-top” book is in print. I wrote about something I know! Ha, ha.

I look forward to seeing what God is going to do this year for my family and me, and you and your family, no matter what it is.  “God’s will be done in earth as it is in heaven…” May the Christ of Christmas be with you always.  He is the Reason for the Season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Blessings

Love and Hugs,  Norene Fritz